Trash pit: moshing with garbage cans

Posted by on July 13, 2015


Have you heard of Chicago ‘beatdown crew’ Drowning yet? They’ve just painted themselves into a corner by releasing a video of a recent show where a recycling trash bin and an actual metal trash can are introduced into their pit. The Thursday night (9) show is as violent as you might expect, and while you can only see about 20 people at the show, many of them are enjoying throwing around an aluminum trash can and hitting people with it. It’s violent and bloody, and no one seems to mind. The problem is that now every Drowning show will probably be marred by can on can violence, and if you’re a fan that likes to take in a hardcore show without getting beaned in the head by a trash can, then your Drowning days might be over. But hey, at least everyone kept their clothes on.

[via Lambgoat]


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