Coping Method, known for exploring the human experience, have returned with a potent new single, “Underground.” This emotionally charged track combines intense vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, thrashing guitars, and electronic elements, showcasing the band’s diverse style known as a fusion of metal and dark EDM. Today (25th), the project has teamed up with Metal Insider to to premiere a visualizer of the new track, which explores the difficulties behind learning to let go as the group explains:

“Coping Method’s latest release, “Underground,” was created with a singular goal in mind: to provide a melodic and head-bobbing song for listeners. The main riff captivates the audience, invoking the Nu Metal vibes of the 2000s with its bouncy groove, harmoniously blending with synthwave arpeggios and industrial percussion. Infectious vocal melodies and a climactic ending highlight the diverse influences that define Coping Method’s unique sound. Vocalist Tyler Simpson delves into the emotional process of holding onto something that should be let go, ultimately coming to terms with it.” 


Watch the clip below and order the single here: