We love A.V. Undercover, the series in which visiting bands have to cover a song from one of 25 artists, with the list dwindling down every time an artist visits. It helped get GWAR back into the national spotlight and earned them alumni status after they crushed a Kansas cover, and just a few weeks ago showed us indie rockers Luna covering Motorhead. Post-hardcore band Touche Amore, currently drawing raves for their current album Stage Four, just stopped by and chose to cover Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy.” Musically, the band’s version is pretty much identical to the original, and you can tell they’ve got an appreciation of PJ. Vocally, Jeremy Bolm sounds pretty much nothing like Eddie Vedder, with his shouting vocals a little more screamo and his singing vocals an octave below Vedder’s. If you’re a Pearl Jam purist, you might hate this. The A.V. Club commenters sure do.