Touché Amoré announce new album, ‘Lament,’ release single “Limelight”

Posted by on July 30, 2020


Post-hardcore band Touché Amoré has announced that they will be releasing a new album later this year. Lament is set to hit shelves October 9 via Epitaph.

“Our 5th studio album LAMENT is available now for pre-order,” starts a post announcing the album on the band’s Instagram page. “It’s been four years since the release of STAGE FOUR and these last two years we’ve worked harder than we ever have to write a record we are thrilled to begin sharing with you today.”

The post continues, “We spent several months with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, At the Drive-In) digging deeper into what this band is and exploring further what this band could be. We reached out to long time friends Andy Hull, Justice Tripp, and Julien Baker for some finishing touches. It was then given to Steve Evetts (Saves the Day, Dillinger Escape Plan, GlassJAw) to mix and he gave it the clarity needed to bring it all home.”

Along with the announcement, Touché Amoré released the album’s first official single, “Limelight.” The song features guest vocals from Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull and guitarist Nick Steinhardt’s newly honed steel pedal skills.

Said frontman Jeremy Bolm about the song:

“When you’re connected to someone long enough, and you’ve both suffered losses and been there for one another, there’s an understanding and a beauty to the quiet moments. There’s a great line in ‘Pulp Fiction’ when Uma Thurman boasts knowing when you’ve found someone really special, when you can just ‘shut the fuck up for a minute, and comfortably share silence.’ I imagined that you’d be shamed for casually omitting that a day or two may go by without realizing you haven’t kissed your partner, but at no point did things feel bad. You’re just in it and it feels like home.”

The band started teasing Lament in September 2019 with the release of the song “Deflector.” Their first new song since 2018’s one-off single “Green,” it is also the first product of their collaboration with producer Ross Robinson. Said Bolm at the time (as reported by Stereogum), 

“This time around, we need to take a chance with the unfamiliar. Someone who would take us out of our comfort zone. Enter Ross Robinson. A man who knows no comfort zone. I followed his career all through my youth to being a young adult. When we returned from our recent Midwest tour, we entered the studio to record a song with Ross and see if there was chemistry.”

Touché Amoré released their last full-length of original music, Stage Four, in 2016. Last year, the band celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their 2009 debut album …To the Beat of a Dead Horse, with a song-for-song  rerecording titled Dead Horse X.

Vinyl and CD copies of Lament, as well as album-themed merch, are available for pre-order now. Included with the deluxe vinyl package will be a 72-page art book designed by Steinhardt and George Clarke filled with art and photography that “help express the lyrical themes” of the album.


The video, which is being touted as the first piece of the ‘Lament’ “visual album,” can be seen below:



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