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Posted by on September 23, 2016


Selecting fivelLyric videos are not as easy as music videos, however, after an extensive search, I managed to choose five that stand out the most. We will see how this top five goes, where it has been a decent week that includes a few surprises and one comes in a full circle so-to-speak. Here are the top five lyric videos released this week.


5) Netherbird – “Pillars of the Sky”

As the effects move as though you are watching an old super eight film clip, the lyrics are revealed in the new Netherbird tune “Pillars of the Sky.” The song seems to move between a blackened metal atmosphere to a more melodic death breakdown as it has lengthy riffs. The Swedish black/death metal outfit will drop the new album The Grander Voyage on October 28th under Black Lodge Records, and it is available for pre-order.


4) Mob Rules – “Somerled”

German power prog act unleashed the new lyric video of “Somerled” off of their new album Tales From Beyond under SPV/Steamhammer Records. For those that have not had a chance to hear the new album yet, hopefully, this video will convince you. At points, it looks more like a music video where the visuals consistently move in an entertaining motion.  


3) Sabaton – “Sparta”

The Swedish power metal warriors Sabaton released their eighth studio album The Last Stand in August under Nuclear Blast Records. The album features many significant battles that range from 2000 years. Now, the new lyric video for the opening tune “Sparta” generates bloody visuals as it captures The Battle of Thermopylae from 480 BC.


2) Meshuggah – “Nostrum”

Slightly over a week ago, however, it is too good to neglect from this list we have Meshuggah’s “Nostrum” from their upcoming eighth album The Violent Sleep of Reason on October 7 via Nuclear Blast Records. They decided to make this video interactive with the new 360 view, and well the track has me pumped for the new album.


1) Opeth – “The Wilde Flowers”

Anything from the progressive metal masters Opeth, we should all expect nothing but high quality and this is no different from the new lyric video of “The Wilde Flowers.” The wait is almost over for the release of their twelfth studio album Sorceress which we can finally grab on September 30th via Nuclear Blast.



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