Top 5 songs that make us look forward to 2022

Posted by on December 20, 2021


Music has been a source of comfort during the past couple of years throughout the pandemic. The industry suffered due to venues not having live music performances. Many artists took it upon themselves to go into a studio to create music relevant to the times. This year has been primarily a year of celebration since we saw the return of live music. It has allowed artists to release some brand new tracks, which has excited and brought a spark back to fans and critics alike. Here is a list of 5 songs written this year, and will hopefully see some new strong album releases in 2022!


01) Halestorm – “Back from the Dead”

Halestorm might have just released their heaviest song lyrically and musically with “Back from the Dead.” Lzzy Hale belts out in the first few seconds of the song “I’m back from the dead,” which sets the mood for the whole track while also sending chills down one’s spin. 

The single possesses heavy guitar riffs, pounding bass, and colossal drum beats, along with Hale’s powerhouse vocals showcases her being one of the greatest female vocalists of our time. Released on August 18, 2021, the single will be followed up by the band’s 5th studio album in 2022. For Halestorm, whose last album Vicious was released in 2018, fans will be eagerly awaiting its arrival. 

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