Top 5 lyric videos of the week include Dee Snider, Eden’s Curse

Posted by on September 30, 2016


What a surprise week for lyric videos regarding familiar faces and voices. There have been quite a few shuffles, solo efforts, and side projects that at times it could be difficult to keep track. Hopefully, this top five list for this week’s lyric videos can narrow a few items down.


5) Cellar Darling – “Challenge”

Remember a few months back as the folk metallers Eluveitie, unfortunately, announced the split of three members, Merlin Sutter (drums), Ivo Henzi (guitar), and Anna Murphy (vocals/Hurdy Gurdy)? Well, they formed their own band Cellar Darling and revealed the first tune “Challenge.” The trio describes this song as “The bipolar dance that is life,” which involves the highs and lows personal struggles can cause. The video does not appear that strong, however, the tune itself is interesting and makes me curious where the trio are moving towards.


4) Eden’s Curse – “The Great Pretender”

Eden’s Curse will release Cardinal on October 14 under AFM Records and recently released the lyric video for “The Great Pretender.” The text appears as though it is the opening of a gothic to fairytale-like book as the background graphics showcase endless rain over land, castles, and the moon. It fits their melodic aesthetic as the tune has a bit of an eighties sound to the mix.  


3) Red Tide Rising – “Sound of Voices Screaming”

From the first beat, the visuals move exactly with the tune of Red Tide Rising’s “Sound of Voices Screaming.” The song is from their EP Voices that was released in May through Vanity Music Group. The video is sharp as though one is screaming to defend him or herself, as the music itself tends to grab you. Hopefully, these guys will release a full-length album soon enough.


2) Dee Snider – “We Are The Ones”

One thing is for sure; Dee Snider isn’t going anywhere. Despite sadly wrapping things up with Twisted Sister, Dee Snider is on his way to drop his solo album, We Are The Ones on October 21 under earMUSIC. The lyric video for the title track “We Are The Ones” is out now, as it moves with an aggressive, catchy beat.


1 Devilment – “Under The Thunder”

Dani Filth is back, this time with the band Devilment as they release the lyric video “Under the Thunder” for the upcoming new album II: The Mephisto Waltzes on November 18 under Nuclear Blast. The album is a follow-up from 2014’s The Great and Secret Show as this video depicts the song as the visuals tend to shake along with Filth’s screams. Songwise, it incorporates Filth’s brutal screams and harsh vocals that we know and love, along with the soft and soothing female vocals from Lauren Francis.

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