Today in poop humor: BMTH, Judas Priest get parodied

Posted by on November 5, 2015


If there’s one thing we know about Samus Paulicelli, other than that he’s the drummer of Decrepit Birth, it’s that he thinks, like many of us, that farts are funny. We first found that out via “Fart Metal” last year, and we’re kind of seeing a trend develop here. As you’ll see in the above video, he’s parodied Judas Priest’s classic “Breaking the Law” as “Taking a Dump.” The music’s pretty solid (if maybe a little runny, what?), but if you’re not ok with seeing dude sitting on a toilet or a dog dumping, than you might consider the video NSFW. We consider it the best

On the other hand, how about hand-farting? That’s a little less gross than Paulicelli, but still keeps up the “farts are funny” theme running (there it is again!) throughout this post. Hand farter (fartist?) Guy First is aiming for a younger demographic than Paulicelli, in that he’s done a Bring Me The Horizon parody. Their song “Can You Feel My Heart” has become “Can You Smell My Fart.” Get it? He’s done a full-band cover of it, and well, it’s moving. As in bowel-moving.


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