Last year, former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes popped up from out of nowhere with a solo albumShitting Bricks. It was a little surprising, given that he’d moved to Europe a few years back between selling his Firebird and spouting some racist bullshit. The videos he released from the album, for “Let It Roar” and “Born, Work, Die,” were terrible, but almost so terrible that they were great. If nothing else, they were definitely watchable. Apparently, we weren’t the only people that thought that, because there’s a forthcoming reality show, amazingly titled “Holmes Sweet Holmes,” on its way.

A trailer has launched for the show, which will follow Holmes and his wife/manager Cathy-Sarah Holmes, and there are apparently 20 episodes in the can. In fact, a lot of the trailer shows scenes from the “Born, Work, Die” video, with a lot of shots of Holmes and his wife eating fast food, smoking a vaporizer, and giving the finger to the camera. We also meet his new band, which a voiceover confusingly claims is “preparing to tear down the crowds of Europe and water them down with decibels.” OK then. Forget the election, this could be the train wreck America’s waiting for, and you’ll be damned sure we’ll be watching.