This dancing Nightwish fan at Download is the best Nightwish fan

Posted by on June 14, 2016

If you kept up with the events at European festivals this past weekend, you might have heard of Download Festival in the UK suffering some relentless storms and flooding, making it a real pain to camp and be there. But despite the adversity, there was at least one magnificent creature who made the most out of the situation and didn’t let some pesky mud and rain ruin his time with probably his favorite band in the world.

Watch this fantastic bastard enjoying the hell out of Nightwish in the middle of the mud, busting moves that would make Patrick Swayze jealous for not thinking of them in Dirty Dancing. If this guy doesn’t make you smile and shine out of sheer joy from his enthusiastic energy in his dancing, you’re just a cold, sad person.

We salute you, incredible dancing being!

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