Thirteen music videos to check out 4/2/21

Posted by on April 2, 2021


07) Vreid – “Spikes of God”


Vreid have shared a music video for the song “Spikes of God.” The track is taken from the group’s upcoming album and film project, Wild North West, out April 30th via Season of Mist (pre-order here.). 


The group’s mastermind  Jarle Hváll Kvåle comments:

“A new chapter from our album and movie ‘Wild North West’ is revealed, and it’s a vile and intense chapter. This song is absolutely one of the most brutal, dark and most in-your-face songs we have ever written. The main idea for this song came to me one dark night in March 2020. I became haunted by this theme and spent the whole night in studio finishing this track. Afterwards I have barely made any adjustments to the original demo for the song. I wanted its primal ugliness to shine through and let it live its life without any corrections. The movie for this song dives into a black hole of human history, and is an illustration of how far astray we can go if we are blinded by the faith of our own perfection.”


08) Immortal Guardian – “Psychosomatic”


Immortal Guardian have shared a lyric video for the song “Psychosomatic.” The track is the title track to their new concept album, inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 


09) Tetrarch – “Negative Noise” 


Tetrarch are gearing up for their new album, Unstable, out April 30th via Napalm Records (pre-order here). The group has shared a video for their third single “Negative Noise.”


Josh Fore (vocalist/guitarist) comments:  

“‘Negative Noise’ is one of the heaviest songs on the new record. It mixes big riffs with thick bass, extreme drums and some of the most intense screams I’ve ever done. One of the highlights of the song is Diamond’s guitar solo that she absolutely killed and I know will turn so many people’s heads. Lyrically, the song is about constantly being surrounded by negativity and people trying to pull us in a million directions. More than ever, there is so much static around us, and we wanted to write a song about dealing with it and blocking out all of the noise.” 


10) Witherfall – “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day”


Witherfall have shared a video for the song “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day.” The track is taken from their latest album, Curse of Autumn, which was released last month via Century Media Records (read our review here). Check out our interview with vocalist Joseph Michael here and five things the group learned about recording an album during a pandemic at this location


11) Upon Wings – “Eternal Way”



Symphonic metal outfit Upon Wings have unveiled a music video for their new song “Eternal Way,” featuring Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear/ Gamma Ray) and Max Georgiev (lead touring guitarist for Falling in Reverse).


Vocalist Anne Autumn comments: 

“Ralf Scheepers has such a grand voice and was a delight to work with, so it was truly a pleasure and honor to have him on this Upon Wings song. Max Georgiev’s guitar solo adds an incredible touch, as well.”


12) Act of Denial – “Slave”

Act of Denial, the new project featuring Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra, Testament, SepticFlesh, etc. members, have released a music video for their latest single “Slave.” The group is currently working on their debut full-length effort, Negative, which is expected to arrive later this year. 


13) A Killer’s Confession (ex-Mushroomhead) – “Light to Darkness”


A Killer’s Confession (ex-Mushroomhead) have shared a video for their new song “Light to Darkness.” 




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