Thirteen awesome album updates – 4/5/21

Posted by on April 5, 2021


10) Edge of Paradise share new album trailer:


Edge of Paradise have spent their time during this pandemic to work on their overall fourth full-length effort. A trailer for their upcoming record, The Unknown is now available. 

Vocalist Margarita comments:

“Being in a band, we learned how to make something positive out of any situation. It was extremely hard to learn that the tours, we were so looking forward to, were cancelled. So we dove into making new music, to keep ourselves sane through the shut down. And in a weird way, 2020 turned out to be, one of the most creatively fulfilling years for us.”


She adds:

“We like to push the boundaries of reality with our music. I pour my soul into every word, and aim to create an otherworldly, larger-than-life setting for the songs to exist in, with the goal to take the listener on a journey through endless possibilities. In this album, we explore what our future might look like, as we merge with technology, as we make new discoveries and blur the lines of science fiction. Could our souls exist in a digital space? Could we coexist with the rise of artificial intelligence? What would the world look like, if we see past the boundaries of our body and mind… would it make us feel more connected or alone? And most of all, this music sends an empowering message: to find strength in the unknown.” 


The Unknown is expected to arrive sometime this summer. Watch the trailer below:



12) Black Wail to release Born on Fire EP later this month:


New Jersey rockers Black Wail, featuring Metal Insider’s own Bram Teitelman have announced their new EP, Born on Fire, will be released on April 23rd via Rhyme & Reason. The group’s latest single “See Conspiracy” is now available.

The band comments:

‘See Conspiracy’ is a song about people who believe crazy conspiracy theories and wind up doing crazy things because of it.”




12) Exhumed are in the studio!

Exhumed have entered the studio to record the follow-up to 2019’s Horror. The California death/grindcore outfit has shared the following studio updates via social media:




13) Sonata Arctica to release first-ever acoustic album in October:


Finnish melodic metallers Sonata Arctica have announced their first-ever acoustic album, Acoustic Adventures – Volume One, which is scheduled to arrive in October 2021 via Nuclear Blast  Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH. A second part will be released sometime in 2022.  

Vocalist Tony Kakko explains:

“This acoustic form of Sonata Arctica has been slowly brewing for years. The first manifestation of it, besides the few acoustic versions of songs released throughout the years, was the ‘Acoustic Adventures Tour’ in 2019, which proved to be a great success, sparking an idea to get these songs also recorded and out on an album. Or two albums, at least for starters. Our songs have always been based on beautiful melodies, which makes it very easy to transform and rearrange them perfectly into the acoustic form as well. I should mention that many of the songs work so well dressed in acoustic garments. Acoustic Adventures – Volume One” will be the first part, followed by a second acoustic record, to be released in 2022.I hope you love these albums as much as we do. There are many, many songs we had to leave out of these ”Volume One” and ”Volume Two” albums, so nothing would please me more than adding a few more volumes in the future.”



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