Thirteen awesome album updates – 4/5/21

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04) Hypocrisy finish working on new album:


Hypocrisy have finished recording their new album. The follow-up to 2013’s End of Disclosure is currently awaiting a release date from Nuclear Blast Records. In the meantime, check out the below updates:

Mastermind Peter Tägtgren shared the following:


11 songs, 52 minutes..

mastered and done!

Let’s celebrate

Now it’s up to the record company to find a good release date.

Have a great weekend…!!!”


The group added:

“We bet that you’re guessing so hard what the new Hypocrisy album will be like. Okay, here’s some inside information: you’ve never heard anything like this from Peter Tägtgren and the band. There will be catchy rhythms, and hooks, and rhymes, and flow…. As you can imagine, this will be the next best rap album! Please show some respect in the comments @peter.tagtgren @tomaselofsson #hypocrisyband #rapalbum




05) Beartooth to release Below in June:


Beartooth have announced their new album, Below, will be released on June 25th via Red Bull Records. Pre-orders are available at this location. To celebrate the album announcement, the group released a video for the song “The Past is Dead.” 


Frontman Caleb Shomo comments on the album:

“Below is by far my favorite album I’ve made to date. It covers the dark side of dealing with mental strain during the last year. I gave it all I had – musically and lyrically. Is it too dark? Possibly, but it was as honest as I could be about how I felt. I hope everyone is ready to strap in for a wild ride of head banging and rocking.”


Shomo discusses the new single:

“‘The Past Is Dead’ was one of the first songs written for the album. Various versions have been in the bank for about two years now and it really set the tone for the whole album writing process. The video is meant to depict the beginning of the journey to the deepest and darkest parts of my mind, which was the fuel used to make Below.”


Watch the video below:

Track List:

01) Below

02) Devastation

03) The Past Is Dead

04) Fed Up

05) Dominate

06) No Return

07) Phantom Pain

08) Skin

09) Hell of It

10) I Won’t Give It Up

11) The Answer

12) The Last Riff



06) GWAR to release acoustic EP The Disc With No Name in May:

GWAR have announced an acoustic EP, The Disc With No Name, which will be released on May 28th via Pit Records. Pre-orders are available at this location 


Vocalist   Blóthar the Berserker comments:

“During the quarantine of 2020 I spent long, lonely days with my hand down my pants, hiding out in a fortress made entirely of rolls of toilet paper, drinking hand sanitizer and watching ‘1000-Lb Sisters’… which is business as usual for me. So I was relieved when I got the call to lay down some vocals on “The Disc With No Name.” We recorded this record over the telephone, which was fine with me, because I can’t stand to be in the same room as the other members of GWAR.” 


Track List:

Side A:

Fuck This Place

Gonna Kill You

Side B:

I’ll Be Your Monster

The Road Behind

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