Photo by Ron Carson Jr.


Progressive power metal outfit Theocracy are gearing up for their new album, Mosaic, out October 13th via Atomic Fire Records. Today (15th), the group has unveiled a video for the title track. The forthcoming effort, produced by Matt Smith and featuring artwork by Steven Howard, will be celebrated at the Loud And Proud Festival in Germany on October 13th. 


Smith comments:

“‘Mosaic’ is one of my personal favorite THEOCRACY tracks of all time. At its heart, it’s a throwback to the peak of power metal, a galloping and soaring singalong hymn. But it has everything I love about what we do: the melody, the power, the drama, the light and shade, the riffs. Conceptually, the song is about how we can only see the individual scenes of our lives but lack the perspective to see the overall tapestry those scenes eventually combine to create. The good times, the bad times, the things we wish didn’t happen…they are all pieces that God uses to form whatever we eventually end up becoming. And we can certainly relate to that in our own journey as a band over the last few years. So, there’s a little psychology, a lot of spirituality, a little nostalgia, and a healthy dose of wistfulness and wonder. And fittingly, this song takes you on quite a journey in just over five minutes.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Flicker

02) Anonymous

03) Mosaic

04) Sinsidious (The Dogs Of War)

05) Return To Dust

06) The Sixth Great Extinction

07) Deified

08) The Greatest Hope

09) Liar, Fool, Or Messiah

10) Red Sea