The Spirit share “Extending Obscurity” video

Posted by on July 21, 2022



The Spirit have shared a music video for the song “Extending Obscurity.” Initially released as a rare bonus on the 7”, the video goes back to teh group’s studio recordings of their latest album, Of Clarity and Galactic Structures, along with some behind the scenes footage on and off stage. 


Vocalist Matthias Trautes recalls: 

“Back in 2018, we confirmed a show with a stage time of 50 minutes. But with only our debut album ‘Sounds from the Vortex’ out at this point, we just made it to 45 minutes with intro and two short breaks within the set. So, I decided to write a short instrumental song a few weeks before the concert to fill that gap and as it wouldn’t be the only time we would need it, because more and more shows came up. ‘Extending Obscurity’ did fit very well in the setlist as this track is quite slow for a The Spirit song and it gave the audience a short moment to breathe before we unleashed another fast track from the debut album. When we were in the studio to record ‘Cosmic Terror’ and we had a bit of time left during the drum-sessions, we decided to record this song as well. Later we used it as the second track for the Pillars of Doom 7”. To make it available to everyone and not only the few owners of the limited 7”, we decided to release it now digital as well and make it available on all the streaming platforms.”


Watch the clip below: 



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