The Gathering is back with a new album after almost a ten year lapse. Beautiful Distortion will arrive in early spring of 2022 via Psychonaut Records. The premiere single is called “In Colour,” and can be experienced down below!

According to the band,

“‘Beautiful Distortion’ is a typical eclectic The Gathering album, although it may be our most dynamic and melodic album to date. The Gathering’s signature atmospheric and electronic rock sound is topped with the warm Nordic vocal lines by Silje Wergeland.”

Wergeland adds:

“We wanted the artwork and title to reflect the times we have been in lately. Both with the pandemic, trying to be creative in isolation, all our everyday struggles, in private life, in relationships, and all that comes in life and with not being able to meet face to face. It symbolizes communication, or the lack of it, the interaction that has been out of balance. But at the same time, all the beauty that can come out of this distortion, such as new music, ideas and perspectives. It has been a long way, but we are so pleased and excited to soon reveal what we have been working on so hard for the past years.”