The Faceless Unleash First-Ever Video for “Deconsecrate”

Posted by on February 19, 2013


It’s hard to believe after the considerable success of last year’s Metal Insider favorite Autotheism, but The Faceless has never recorded an official music video…that is, until now.  “Deconsecrate” from Autotheism has been released in music video form, and in keeping with the album’s theme of self-worship, it features the band taking over a church by force.  Aside from some damned solid filmography, it’s worth watching for Michael Keene at the preacher’s pulpit, a cameo from Sergio “Sexy Sax Man” Flores, and…wait, what’s that in the church’s safe?  It’s also worth noting that it was filmed when drummer Lyle Cooper was still in the band; let’s hope that means another video with new drummer Alex Rudinger is coming soon, for the simple reason that it would be badass.

Unless your workplace is cool with lingering shots of magazine boobs, it’s NSFW.

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