The Faceless part ways with guitarist Wes Hauch

Posted by on February 17, 2014

wes hauchLast fall, rumors circled the web that bassist Evan Brewer had left The Faceless. While both the band and Brewer quickly dispelled that rumor, it appears that The Faceless have indeed parted ways with yet another member. This time, it’s guitarist Wes Hauch.

The Faceless issued the following statement this weekend announcing Hauch’s departure:

“The Faceless have officially parted ways with Wes. Things were moving in different directions and it seems that this is best for everyone. We wish him the best of luck and we know he’s going to continue to do great things in music. Please keep supporting Wes in everything he does. We definitely will.”

In case you still weren’t convinced that The Faceless were still playing with Brewer (or were still together for that matter), the band also added this:

“We are also currently working on new music with bassist Evan Brewer, who is remaining a full-time member of the band, to clear up any confusion. The cover album has also been put on the back-burner in place of new original material. We are very excited with how things are coming together and will keep you all updated as things progress.”

The Faceless are no strangers to numerous lineup changes. In fact, we’re more surprised the band even made any announcement regarding Hauch’s departure (in the past, they’ve been known to part ways with members more under the radar). Don’t feel too bad for Hauch, though, since he’ll be pretty busy with his new gig in Glass Casket, among many other projects. Plus, Hauch has made it clear that there’s no bad blood between him and his former bandmates. And hey, at least we can look forward to new material from The Faceless in the near future.

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