The Dillinger Escape Plan’s final interview: ‘I don’t have any regrets’

Posted by on December 19, 2017

Sadly, the time is nearing where The Dillinger Escape Plan will no longer be making music and no longer coming around to a venue near you. The band announced that they were retiring back about a year ago and posted their final shows at NYC’s Terminal 5. Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich had the privilege to be the last person to interview The Dillinger Escape Plan and delved into the final thoughts of frontman Greg Puciato and guitarist Ben Weinman. During the chat, they talked about ending the band on their own note and having no regrets about their career:

Weinman: “Right. The more Greg and I talked, we’re like, we’re at a point right now where we still feel we’re relevant, you know, as people. We’re still young enough to do new things, but we feel we’ve learned enough to do them from a place of honesty and stability in some way mentally. And if we really were gonna stand by our word that we were doing this for the right reasons always — it’s artistic, everything’s intentional — then we had to take control of how it ended and there’s no way to do it. As we see our friends in bands kind of, you know, people stop coming, so it’s not fun, or they’re fighting, or the music’s just not inspired anymore and then they fizzle out because they don’t have a choice. We really were like, “Let’s kind of walk off into the sunset like a badass gangster that comes into town, fucks shit up, gets the girl and then says, ‘I gotta go.'” [Laughs]

Puciato: “I don’t think so, honestly. I don’t have any regrets, man. Because I feel like… I mean we went really hard. We went really, really hard. There was no faking it. We didn’t bullshit. We went for the throat the whole time and kind of did that offstage too. And I feel like any of the things that someone would say ‘well I regret that’ has been stuff that was necessary in getting us to where we are now as people…”

It’s such a bummer that the band is coming to an end but, it’s definitely understood why they are leaving us. Revolver has the entire interview transcribed and you can check out the video below.

Also, don’t miss out on the final shows of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

12/27 New York City, NY @ Terminal 5 (“Irony is A Dead Scene” set with Mike Patton (feat. God Mother)
12/28 New York City, NY @ Terminal 5 (feat. Code Orange & Daughters)
12/29 New York City, NY @ Terminal 5 (feat. Code Orange & Daughters)


[via Revolver and thePRP]


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