Ten Second Songs returns with “Chop Suey,” in styles of Bee Gees, Ghost and more

Posted by on February 22, 2017

David Vincent, better known by his moniker Ten Second Songs, has a hell of a lot of fun making songs in different styles. What does he do with a song that’s as stylistically odd as System of A Down’s “Chop Suey?” Makes is his own, or more effectively, 20 different other artists’. There’s rave (Tiesto), classical (The Tree Tenors), mongolian throat singing, and the likes of his imitations of Faith No More, Ghost, and The Bee Gees, among others. In short, it gets a little choppy in the middle, and is as schizophrenic as Daron Malakian, but when he brings it back with with the ridiculously high vocals of Steelheart’s Miljenko Matijevic, and ends with Boyz II Men, it gels pretty well. Given that it’s garnered 650,000 views in one day, we’ve gotta think a lot of people agree. 

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