Stray From the Path rail against two-party system with “The House Always Wins”

Posted by on November 8, 2016


While everyone was expecting Prophets of Rage to be the next Rage Against the Machine, it seems like Stray From the Path was here all along. Three years ago, the band railed against police brutality with their “Badge and a Bullet” video, and they’ve been pretty political all along. That’s why they chose election day to release a song from their forthcoming 2017 album. “The House Always Wins” has Rage-like rhythms and an anti-two party message. Here’s what the band has to say about the new song:

It almost seems that this election was begging for us to take a swing at it. We watched Trump bid for the Republican candidacy against people like Cruz and Christie….we watched Hillary actually steal the Democratic candidacy from a guy who was drawing millions of people around the country, and funding his campaign off of millions of donations averaging at $27, from real people…while Hillary was drawing crowds of less people than Stray From The Path can draw at a random show in Tennessee?

It was wrong. These two candidates are wrong. A two party program is wrong. We have a circus going on while Native Americans at the Dakota Access Pipeline are victims of terrorism at the hands of the oil companies that purchase this election. Not a word about it from anybody. No help.

This band has always been an outlet for our frustrations with this planet, and we couldn’t wait for our next full length to get this one out. There are people who feel the same way as us, and I hope this song can open some minds up about the people they look to as leaders…ask themselves…do they actually give a shit about my life? Or would they sell me out in a second to further their agenda. The answers are not always pretty, and sometimes hard to accept…but in the end of the day, The House Always Wins.

In the studio Feb 2017 with Will Putney. New album is on the way.

Did you vote today? We’re guessing Stray From the Path didn’t.


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