Stray From The Path rage against police brutality in new video

Posted by on July 17, 2013

strayfromthepathRecently, metal fans in the social mediasphere have been trying to figure out what whereisourliberty.com is after the link was posted on the Facebook pages of various bands on the Sumerian Record label such as Northlane and Born of Osiris. While the page is now updated with more info, it previously only featured a countdown timer over a picture of protesters protesting Guantanamo Bay. It has since been revealed that it is in fact the page for hardcore/punk group Stray From The Path’s new record Anonymous, for which a video for the song “Badge & A Bullet” was recently released.

In the song/video for “Badge & A Bullet”, the band rages against the machine, sparking a comparison to bands like Snapcase and, well, Rage Against The Machine. The Rage influence is clear, with their use of  whammy pedals and Rage-esque riffs and vocal style, albeit toned up a few notches in terms of heaviness and aggression. According to a comment by the band on the Youtube video, they were “flattered with the comparison”, but felt that while their new music draws influences from RATM, there is more to it than that. Their new sound is definitely a departure from their more abrasive form of hardcore punk that was heard on their earlier albums, but as the band states in another Youtube comment, fans “won’t get the same record from us every time”.

Anonymous will be released September 17th from Sumerian Records with pre-orders already available for the vinyl version. Stray From The Path will also be playing this years All Stars Tour. Check out the video below.


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