Steel Panther Going ‘Balls Out’ With New Album, Post Sample Of New Song Online

Posted by on August 26, 2011


We could tell you all about Steel Panther’s new album Balls Out. Instead, we’re going to let a video the 80s-style hair band recently posted do the talking. I mean, how can we top such poetic descriptions from singer Michael Starr like “It’s like a hot bitchin’ bed with sperm all over it”?

So go ahead and watch the video above, which also includes a snippet of a new song called “If You Really, Really Love Me.” And in case you REALLY need to learn more about Balls Out, then check out an interview we did recently with producer Jay Ruston. You can also check out the track listing to Balls Out, which comes out on October 18 via Universal Records, after the jump.

1. In The Future

2. Supersonic Sex Machine

3. Just Like Tiger Woods

4. 17 Girls In A Row

5. If You Really, Really Love Me

6. It Won’t Suck Itself

7. Tomorrow Night

8. Why Can’t You Trust Me

9. That’s What Girls Are For

10. Gold-Digging Whore

11. I Like Drugs

12. Critter

13. Let Me Cum In

14. Weenie Ride


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