Static-X’s ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ 20th Anniversary tour is the nostalgia every nu-metalhead needs right now

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Yes, the metal community can be split between nu metal and everything else. However, if you include every single subgenre in metal, there are many different flavors not everyone will agree on. WIth that being said, Static-X kicked off the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th anniversary tour (check out the second leg of dates here) on Tuesday (18th), and by watching the YouTube clips alone, you can tell this is the nostalgia every nu metalhead needs. As we are well aware, no one can replace Wayne Static’s one-of-a-kind vocals but, you have to admit, the group are doing a fantastic job resurrecting the memory of the band’s career.

As we’ve seen an increase in videos uploaded to YouTube from their recent shows recorded by fans, you can hear the crowd singing along to the classic tracks. It’s definitely a trip down memory lane and as creepy as fans (or haters) believe, Xer0 is doing a terrific job paying a tribute and his respects to Wayne.

Watch a few clips below:

Speaking of nostalgia, DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara kept his promise to perform a few classic Coal Chamber songs during this tour. So far, there’s a video on YouTube of the group performing “Loco.” However, based on Setlist.FM, the band has also performed the classic track “Fiend.”

Check out the clip below:

Speaking of Coal Chamber, Dez recently shared via Instagram (his original post has since been removed) of him being reunited with his former bandmates, guitarist Miguel “Meegs” Rascón and bassist Nadja Peulen. The DevilDriver singer later shot down reunion rumors calling it “so off base” followed by a hashtag reading #ClickBait.

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