Some guy built a flamethrower ukulele

Posted by on June 9, 2015

 Mad Max: Fury Road – best action movie of the summer or best action movie ever? Regardless, one of the high points of the film, which you should go see already on account of it’s awesome, involves the Doof Warrior, a guy that looks like a member of Slipknot strapped to the front of a truck/stage playing guitar from a flamethrower six-string. It’s downright inspirational. At least it was for Caleb Kraft, who built his own stringed instrument/flamethrower. Granted, he built it with a ukulele, so it’s slightly less badass, but it would really spice up a Mumford & Sons concert. And somewhere Rob Scallon kis kicking himself for not thinking of this first. The best thing about it is that he details how you can make your own with parts you can find from a hardware store. Yeah, this guy rules, both for this video and the inevitable “guitar flamethrower fail” videos it will inspire.

[via Gear Gods]


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