01) Me And That Man – “Burning Churches”


Me And That Man, the project featuring Behemoth’s Nergal has unveiled the most festive gift of all to wish everyone Happy Holiday’s with an animated video for the song “Burning Churches.” The clip was directed & animated by Oliver Jones of Better Feeling Films. The story has nothing to do with the film, Lords of Chaos, as the tale involves a young boy who was abused by a priest in his childhood.   

The press release explains:

“By swearing vengeance on the church and radicalizing himself, he transforms into a sort of satanic anti-hero who seems to gather more followers by the second. “Burning Churches” to the ground, one by one, he gets his revenge.”


Nergal comments:

“If someone would have told me one day, I’d release a Xmas song, I would have burst into laughter. Hell freezes over and I present to you, “Burning Churches”. This time I team up with Mat McNerney from the legendary Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, DHG and Hexvessel. Make yourself comfortable around the Christmas tree, stoke the fire and grab yourself a drink! Hallelujah.”