02) Cold – Snow Patrol’s “Run”



Cold have premiered a video for their cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run.” The track is taken from the group’s latest effort, The Things We Can’t Stop, which was released earlier this year via Napalm Records. 


We recently caught up with the group’s mastermind Scooter Ward and asked why he decided to cover this song:

Yeah. That song was a big deal for me. I think everything I’m answering is emotional.

Yeah. When I was a kid, well not kid, when I was younger and my kids, whenever I had to leave my kids for touring or my family or making records for long periods. I’m so emo. I’d listen to sad songs when I was driving away or something, and fall to my emo-ness on that. And so, “Run” was always one of those songs. When me and Nick were going through the record, we were almost to the end of the album I was like, “Man, you know, I really don’t like doing covers, but there’s this one song just keeps popping up at me,” and I go, “You know, I always loved Snow Patrol’s version of it.”

That is the most beautiful song ever. But I always add harmony. So I was like, “I always liked to do that song with harmonies just to see what it sounded like.” So I told Nick, “Let’s try it.” We did, and it ended up sounding really good. Not only did we not want to make it like a B side, but we wanted to add it to the album, and I think it worked out.”