New York rockers Sanhedrin have shared a video for their song “Scythian Women.” The track is taken from their latest offering, Lights On, which was released in March 2022 via Metal Blade Records.


Vocalist Erica Stoltz comments:

“I wrote the song about an archeological discovery in Russia late December 2019. A tomb was found with the skeletons of four Scythian women warriors aged 12 to 50. They had battle scars and were buried with weapons and horses. It was the best example of pre-Christian female identity I’ve ever seen. The song was my tribute to them, a way to bring their spirits into a new age, continue their story and show what women are able to do.

As for the video itself, it was animated and directed by Mike “Fox” Foxall, a dear friend from the band hailing from Australia. “We met Mike at the 2019 edition of Hell Over Hammaburg when our band and his (Neptune Power Federation) played together. We instantly hit it off as friends and so working with him for the video was an extension of our friendship. We feel the video captures the energy and themes of the song while also providing a unique visual look and narrative to the listening experience. RIDE OUT!!!”


Watch the clip below: