We’ve seen YouTuber Rob Scallon take on just about every instrument. Obviously, he’s most comfortable with the guitar, but he’s also played it with one string, on the 14th fret, and with two other people on the same guitar. Of course, he’s also played banjo, and upright bass, ukelele and even a shovel. What we’ve never seen him play, however, is a theremin, the somewhat spooky sounding instrument that’s played by hand motions only. If you’ve seen footage of Led Zeppelin live, you’ve heard the theremin, or like the end of “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. And now, a Rob Scallon song.

“JeklynHyde,” taken from Scallon’s forthcoming album of originals, was released yesterday, and it’s a pretty short song after you subtract the skit that opens and ends the video. The theremin is a pretty badass instrument, but it’s pretty hard to make it sound like anything more than a horror movie from the ’50s. Thankfully, with a pretty chunky riff that accompanies the song, it’s in and out before it wears out it’s welcome.

You can preorder his album, which will be out on January 30th, here.