Randy Blythe unveils some solo music

Posted by on March 4, 2015


After a well-deserved bit of a break from music and the public eye, Lamb of God appears to be heading back into the public spotlight. There’s this summer’s tour with Slipknot, Randy Blythe’s forthcoming book, and now the vocalist is unveiling a few pieces of solo work – one of them serious, another one not so much – via his Randonesia Tumblr. “Stick a Needle In Your Eye” was recorded when Blythe was on Phillip Island in Australia with his friend Sam Haycroft of the band Duckeye and Sydonia. Both wearing corpsepaint, the two play an acoustic version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with Blythe on glockenspiel and Haycroft on guitar. It’s interjected with a bunch of black metal growls, and may be the grimmest  version of the song ever heard. Here’s what Blythe said about the song on Instagram:

I wrote, performed & recorded [the piece] in its entirety with my friend @samhaycroft while I was on Phillip Island recently. It’s a VERY SERIOUS piece of work that I am sure is gonna make the two of us millions & famous as all get out.

The second piece of music is a  bit more serious. It’s the trailer for Inventory, the Richmond Ballet project that Blythe has been working on music for since last year. Blythe describes the music in the trailer as “a looped sample from one part of the piece I composed for the Richmond Ballet’s upcoming New Works Festival later this month, as well as a short bit from another part of the composition.” This piece of music is dark and perfect music to score the trailer (and probably the ballet). With some sparse and ominous piano notes anchoring the composition, it sounds not unlike the film work that Trent Reznor and Atticus Finch have done.  Inventory will premiere at the New Works Festival from March 17-22.


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