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When you think about Yoga, you think about finding peace within yourself by relaxing and meditating while pushing your body in postures that will relieve your stress. But someone believes yoga should be more about releasing your inner anger by screaming, cursing like a sailor and blasting your favorite metal tunes to create the perfect zen.

Canadian yoga enthusiast and likely metalhead Lindsey Istace is the founder of Rage Yoga, a form of yoga focused on releasing anger and bad vibes by doing things like screaming to get the rage out, drinking beer as we all do, and listening to metal, like Black Sabbath or Metallica, as many of us use for relaxation. Istace comments on how the idea came about after going through a difficult breakup:

“I’ve had a very strong personal practice for a long time and I continued by practice during the breakup too. But I was really hurt, confused and angry… breakups tend to do that to people! My hurt feelings really began to come out on the mat and suddenly I found myself screaming and swearing a lot during my practice time. At first it seemed crazy but I found that combining the emotional release with my routines really helped!”

“I figured that maybe it could help other people the way it helped me,”

We know this isn’t particularly ground breaking as we’ve talked about Black Yoga in the past, but the difference is still lays on the fact that this one actually encourages you to go with the aggressive aspect of the music, instead of finding a metal playlist with appropriate bands for yoga.

If you live in Calgary and want to be part of this, you can get more info here.

[H/T Jon L.]