Punk singer catches beer thrown at him, drinks it, is a champion

Posted by on June 15, 2015


The Pinkpop Festival took place in the Netherlands this weekend, and while we haven’t heard of the band John Coffey before, their singer, David Achter de Molen did probably the second coolest thing that’s happened at an overseas festival this year. The singer of the Dutch punk band walked into the crowd on top of the crowd, which would’ve been pretty badass in and of itself. However, mid song, someone threw a beer towards him. Without missing a beat, he caught the cup, which was still full of beer, took a sip of it, and casually tossed the cup over his shoulder. It should be seen to be believed. The only thing that would’ve ruined things would be if the cup was full of piss, but let’s not think about that.



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