Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin walks offstage mid-show due to bright lights

Posted by on November 22, 2021


Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has walked offstage mid-show during Saturday Night’s (20th) show at the Epic Event Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin due to the venue’s lights being too bright. A video was captured of the incident by a fan who attended the show where Scantlin was heard saying the following to the crowd:

“I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show. Now I can see all you people. But if you guys were standing up here where I’m at right now, it’s like a fucking flashlight blinking in your fucking head, and I don’t think that’s fucking cool, really. Sounds like a fucking motherfucking idiot to me. Fuck you, motherfucker. Out of nowhere, here’s another fucking douchebag fuck. I’ve got a flashlight too, motherfucker.”

Watch the clip below:

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