Protest the Hero’s new video is a tourism ad for Newfoundland

Posted by on August 5, 2014


Protest the Hero have never made the same video  twice. Just for Volition alone, they’ve made a puppet video, and settled the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate. For “Mist,” they’ve made what’s essentially a tourism ad for the Canadian island of Newfoundland. The song is about the island, which the band consider a home away from home. It starts out with the band and promoter talking about playing there for the first time, then it developing into their favorite place to play. Amidst the song playing, there are many scenes of the band walking around the picturesque city, interacting with fans, and playing in front of them. It’s a really sincere song, and the band becoming honorary Newfoundlanders and drinking with the island’s residents is a nice look at the bond between Protest the Hero and their fans that’s refreshing to see. Here’s what the band said about the video:

After much ado, we are proud to finally premier our official video for “Mist”. We made two trips back and forth to Newfoundland to make this one happen and we are really happy with how it turned out. As usual, we had too much footage to cram into just 4 minutes, so we made it longer!

We hope you can take a minute to watch and learn about one of our favourite places on earth.

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