Proof That Dethklok Are The Biggest Band In “The Galaxy”

Posted by on October 4, 2012


The lyric video for “I Ejaculate Fire” was pretty damn literal. Dethklok’s video for “The Galaxy,” though, attempts to have more of a storyline. In short, the video finds the members of Dethklok using their musical talents to kill and defeat cyborgs in the ultimate space battle. And when it looks like Dethklok are goners, a little belief in satanic powers comes through to save the day.

Anyway, what the video lacks in vulgarity (how could you seriously top a fire ejaculating sphinx?) makes up with some stellar animation. And it also doesn’t hurt that “The Galaxy” is a pretty killer song. Watch the video for yourself above. Dethklok’s new album, Dethalbum III, comes out on October 16.

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