Police bust metal house show, urge band to continue playing

Posted by on December 22, 2015

If you ever been at a backyard or house show, you know that there’s only three ways to end it: Every band finishes their set and everyone goes home on their own; there’s a fight between some drunk idiots which end up souring the party and the owner ends up kicking everyone out of the house; or the cops show up.

The latter seem to be the case for a local house show in Oklahoma City, OK where the band Three Guys, One Shirt  (members of Victory Records’ Darkness Divded) were playing their set during their tour with Like Vultures when suddenly, the cops showed up and of course, everything went to a halt while speaking to the authorities and instead of shutting the whole thing down, the cops just asked them to tone it down a notch and urged them to continue.

When cops show up to the mini-house show and tell you to keep playing hahaha Darkness Divided & Like Vultures

Posted by Brian Van Buskirk on Monday, December 21, 2015


Sure, the cops are the stars in this story but the best thing is the guy complying to the officer’s orders by yelling “OK, yes sir!”


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