Pathways guitarist Jon Rose’s top five concept albums

Posted by on April 20, 2016

pathwaysThis past Friday (15), Floridian quintet Pathways released their debut EP, Dies Irae, on Tragic Hero Records. The EP is far from their first recording, though. The band have self-released several EPs and a single since their formation in 2012. Featuring dual 8-string guitars, there’s a lot of prog and even some classical mixed in their deathcore sound. The EP itself is a concept about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, with a song about each horseman. With that in mind, we asked guitarist Jon Rose what his favorite concept albums are. While we’re not 100% on board with labeling Master of Puppets as a concept album, we’ll let it slide here.

Dies Irae is out now on Tragic Hero Records. It can be purchased here.


Muse, The Resistance

Besides this being one of my favorite all time albums, there’s just something too epic about humanity coming to an end and everyone pinning their hopes on a group of astronauts who go out to explore space and spread humanity to another planet.


Dream Theater,  Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence


Dream Theater is full of mastermind musicians, but this concept really intrigued me. It’s more about exploring different themes of lifetime struggle. The Glass Prison intro is pretty much the coolest thing ever as well


Metallica,  Master of Puppets

This album… Words cannot describe how pivotal this one is to me.  It’s theme is that every song deals with madness and control. Orion is my favorite instrumental by them and the guitar tone is godly on this album.


Protest The Hero, Kezia

About the raging societal issues, this album was beyond it’s time. They were pretty much kids when they wrote these songs and each one is better than the last


Devin Townsend, Ziltoid the Omniscient

The music is odd, poetic, and insane. Ziltoid and the human race, led by Captain Spectacular, wage a war on an intergalactic, multi-dimensional level. Townsend is a genius.

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