New Jersey prog band Coheed and Cambria recently found themselves in a place where they weren’t used to – the subject of a viral video. The acoustic song they created from Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissenting opinions against gay marriage and Obamacare was literally ripped from the headlines, and caught on well beyond the band’s fanbase of emo kids, metalheads and prog geeks. Now we know that their time in the spotlight was setup for their next album, as they’ve unveiled a song from it today. “You Got Spirit, Kid,” debuted today on the band’s website and will be available on the international record release date, July 10th. That will be in advance of their eighth album, The Color Before the Sun.

Taking a page from Mastodon post-Crack the Skye, this will be the band’s first non-concept. There will undoubtedly be some upset fans, as the Amory Wars concept has been with the band since the beginning of their career, weaving its way between comic books and the dense conceptual nature of their first seven albums. As for “You Got Spirit, Kid,” it’s one of the poppier, catchier songs the band has written, and with the confetti and fireworks-strewn lyric video and the “Nobody gives a fuck who you are” chorus, it’ll be and instant favorite for those that stick around despite the fact that Heaven’s Fence is nowhere to be found.

Coheed and Cambria will be playing festivals both here and abroad, including the three Riot Fests and a handful of Neverender performances of their sophomore album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in Europe.

The Color Before the Sun will be available on October 9.