Opeth’s ‘Eternal Rains Will Come’ video looks amazing

Posted by on August 28, 2014


While this non-lyric video fro Opeth’s “Eternal Rains Will Come” was released yesterday, it took us this long to pick our jaws up off the floor to write about it. Instead of creating a trite “lyric video” or an even more trite “dudes rocking out in a warehouse” video, Opeth made a video of nature (lightning, rain, tsunamis, etc.) with a kaleidoscopic effect with the reverse image playing out on the other half of the screen. In short, it’s perfect audio accompaniment to the ’70s prog of the track, and might bring some non-fans that like to look at trippy stuff on board. Most Opeth fans will love it.

Pale Communion was released on Monday. You should consider picking it up.


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