The Butcher Babies are coming to take you away

Posted by on October 22, 2014


The Butcher Babies recently released Uncovered, an EP of cover songs. One of the most unconventional is a cover of Napoleon XIV’s 1966 novelty song, the mildly disturbing “They’re Coming To Take Me Away.” The band have made a video fro the track, which premiered earlier today on Bloody Disgusting. It’s obviously heavier than the original, and a lot more nu-metally, and the band have pretty much made a short horror movie for the video. Here’s what singer Heidi Shepherd said about their choice to cover the song:

As kids, we always loved this creepy, quirky song around Halloween time. So, we thought it would be perfect to ring in the Halloween season with this video reminiscent of old slasher films. Enjoy!”

For a frame of reference, here’s the original:


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