No, ‘Simpsons,’ Judas Priest aren’t death metal

Posted by on January 6, 2014


In case you hadn’t heard, Judas Priest had a guest appearance on The Simpsons last night playing “Breaking The Law” (or in this case “Respecting The Law”). It’s about what you would expect; Judas Priest (and by Judas Priest we mean basically just Rob Halford) show up and do what they do for about 30 seconds. And they’re referred to as “death metal”, which probably had more than a few people yelling “Judas Priest aren’t death metal!.” It’s made even worse by the fact that they’re at a Swedish consulate, and the Swede says “Swedes love death metal.” They do, and while it’d be ridiculous to suggest that Opeth, Amon Amarth or Entombed would be on the show in place of Priest, it might have been a good idea to not call a 43 year old song that gets played on classic rock “death metal.” Regardless, if you want to watch the full episode, you can do so on Hulu.


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