No new Godsmack record until 2022

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Don’t hold your breath for a new Godsmack record in 2021. Drummer Shannon Larkin joined The Metal Teddy Bear Experience to talk about his new project, The Apocalypse Blues Revival and the release of their debut record. During the conversation, Larkin was asked if fans can expect new Godsmack in 2021, which the led the drummer to explain why not.

“We will not. What we’re doing is we’ve already begun the process of building our new studio in Florida. We’re officially a Florida band. Everybody’s moved here; everybody followed me here. Sully [Erna, Godsmack frontman] just moved here. He was the last guy [from Godsmack] to finally leave the Boston area, and his house is seven minutes from mine now. We’re building, like I said, our new headquarters-slash-recording studio. We’ve done the last couple of records [in our previous headquarters] up in Boston. And our goal is to just write as much material as possible.

“We took basically this year off to move the studio and do all this kind of stuff. And in the meantime, by the way, we’ve all been individually writing. And Tony [Rombola, Godsmack guitarist] and I have probably six to 10 songs to feed to Sully and see if it’s on the right path. ‘Cause he has the vision. Every record in Godsmack comes four years apart — every single one, if you do look at the history, exactly four years apart on each record — and so we’re at three now. So it’s gonna work out for us again.”

Larkin continued to say the band should start writing new material together in the studio in January.

“We have the rest of this year off basically to finish the studio. We don’t have hammers and nails — we’re not building this [ourselves] — but we have people building this. We hope to have it done by the first week of January, [at] which [point] we will start getting together — the four of us — in that room and just start fleshing shit out, man, letting shit come out of the air and the universe to us and start to try writing songs, with the intent of getting into the studio by the fall and making the new record for a 2022 release and tour.”

Larkin just released his debut record with The Apocalypse Blues Revival and hasn’t been this excited since his first release.

“I am so stoked. I mean, it’s crazy, I’ve made 37 records in 36 years. And as I woke up today and this one was coming out, I felt literally as excited as my very first record and it’s probably because it’s the first one I ever tried to produce and mix myself. We are releasing it independently, do-it-yourself world again and so it’s super exciting right now to me, this whole release of songs.”


Grab the record here and check out the entire interview below!

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