Nergal Reaffirms His Stance On Religion In Trailer For Autobiography

Posted by on September 12, 2012


Next month, Adam “Nergal” Darski will release his autobiography Sacrum Profanum in his home nation of Poland. What can fans expect from the Behemoth frontman’s book? Well, if the book’s first trailer is any indication, it’ll piss off a lot of religious leaders (though that’s nothing new).

The black and white, Polish spoken video (with English subtitles) finds Nergal at one point lighting a cigar what appears to be a burning bible. It also includes him reading portions from the book, including “I just effectively fight the illness, regardless if it’s cancer or religion.” And that’s just the first trailer, with more to premiere on Behemoth’s Youtube channel.

Watch the first trailer for Sacrum Profanum above. And while a release date for an English translation of the book has yet to be announced, you can pre-order a Polish copy if you’d like online.

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