Nergal Sacked From ‘The Voice Of Poland’s’ Second Season

Posted by on October 18, 2011

While Nergal’s latest gig as a judge on The Voice Of Poland (the Polish version of The Voice) seemed odd to us, religious protestors in Poland found it horrifying. The country’s national TV station TVP had apparently been flooded with complaints over Nergal’s anti-religious stunts (apparently tearing up a bible onstage doesn’t make you a good Catholic). And while TVP had previously held their ground on hiring Nergal, it now looks like they’re giving in as Nergal will not be rehired for The Voice Of Poland’s second season.

According to TheNews.pl, a spokesperson for TVP announced the following:

“Adam Darski, aka Nergal, will not be given his own programme on TVP, nor will he be a juror in a second series of Voice of Poland, even if the network decides to commission one [a second series].”

TVP likely changed their tune following Nergal’s appearance during a Times New Roman show. At this said show (on October 1 in Warsaw), Nergal came onstage dressed as a clergyman and “healed” the members of Times New Roman, who were wheeled onto the stage by nurses. TVP chairman Juliusz Braun wasn’t amused, saying that the stunt showed “a lack of respect not only for others’ religious beliefs but also for the sick and the disabled.”

Nergal nor the band have released an official statement about this. However, Behemoth did post a link to a Polish Facebook page dedicated to getting the frontman back on the show via their own page and Twitter with the text “Help keep Nergal on the Voice in Poland, like this page!” At the moment, though, it appears that Nergal will still continue to be seen in the current season, with its final episode airing in early December.

Still curious as to what Nergal is actually like as a reality TV judge? Well, we were able to find video of Nergal judging a performance on the show on YouTube. We also found video of Nergal performing Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” with his fellow judges on the show. Both videos can be seen after the jump. As expected, though, it’s certainly different from watching him onstage with Behemoth.




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