Motörhead deluxe 40th Anniversary reissue for ‘Overkill’ and ‘Bomber’ arriving in October

Posted by on July 24, 2019

promo photo by Allan Ballard

Motörhead’s entire catalog is on its way to being re-released as the group has teamed up with BMG for a series of reissues. The first will be the Motörhead ‘79 campaign, which marks the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Overkill and Bomber albums. On October 25th, 2019, these classic records will be available in new deluxe editions, both as hardbound bookpacks in two CD and triple LP format, which features previously unheard concerts from the group’s circa 1979 tours, interviews, and unseen photos. A collectors 1979 box-set will also be available. 

To commemorate the upcoming reissues, you can watch a previously unreleased live video of “Bomber” below and pre-order the set at this location:

1979 Box-Set includes:

  • Both the original Overkill and Bomber albums half-speed mastered and pressed on 180 gram vinyl created from the original master tapes
  • Two double-live albums of previously unheard concert material from the ’79 tours
  • A 40-page period-accurate “music magazine” featuring unseen photos and fresh interviews regarding the era
  • 1979P  The Rest of ’79 Vinyl, featuring B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks
  • No Class 7″ single with gatefold art
  • The Bomber tour program
  • Overkill sheet music book
  • ‘79 badge set
  • All encased in black biker jacket box


 Box Set Track list:


Side One

01) Overkill 

02) Stay Clean 

03) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price 

04) I’ll Be Your Sister 

05) Capricorn

Side Two

01) No Class 

02) Damage Case 

03) Tear Ya Down 

04) Metropolis 

05) Limb From Limb


Side One

01) Dead Men Tell No Tales 

02) Lawman 

03) Sweet Revenge 

04) Sharpshooter 

05) Poison

Side Two

01) Stone Dead Forever 

02) All The Aces 

03) Step Down 

04) Talking Head 

05) Bomber

Good N’Loud – Live At Friars, Aylesbury on March 31, 1979

Side One

01) Overkill 

02) Stay Clean 

03) Keep Us On The Road 

04) No Class 

05) Leaving Here

Side Two

01) Iron Horse / Born To Lose 

02) Metropolis 

03) The Watcher 

04) Damage Case

Side Three

01) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price 

02) Capricorn 

03) Too Late, Too Late 

04) I’ll Be Your Sister

Side Four

01) I’m Your Witchdoctor 

02) Train Kept A-Rollin’ 

03) Limb From Limb 

04) White Line Fever 

05) Motörhead

Sharpshooter – Live At la Rotonde, Le Mans on November 3, 1979

Side One

01) Overkill 

02) Stay Clean 

03) No Class 

04) Metropolis

Side Two

01) All The Aces 

02) Dead Men Tell No Tales 

03) I’ll Be Your Sister 

04) Lawman 

05) Too Late, Too Late

Side Three

01) Poison 

02) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price 

03) Sharpshooter 

04) Capricorn 

05) Train Kept A-Rollin’

Side Four

01) Bomber 

02) Limb From Limb 

03) White Line Fever 

04) Motörhead

The Rest Of ’79

Side One

01) Too Late, Too Late (“Overkill” 7″ B-Side) 

02) Like A Nightmare (Alternative version of No Class B-Side) 

03) Over The Top (“Bomber” 7″ B-Side) 

04) Stone Dead Forever (Alternative Version) 

05) Sharpshooter (Alternative Version)

Side Two

01) Bomber (Alternative Version) 

02) Step Down (Alternative Version) 

03) Fun On The Farm (“Bomber” Outtake) 

04) Treat Me Nice (“Bomber” Outtake) 

05) You Ain’t Gonna Live Forever (“Bomber” Outtake)

No Class 7″

Side One

01) No Class

Side Two

01)  Like A Nightmare



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