Meytal live band features some familiar faces

Posted by on February 2, 2015

After years of Meytal Cohen posting her drumming videos to YouTube, she’s finally got a full band around her. The group, simple titled Meytal, just played their first-ever show at LA’s Whisky A Go Go, and most metal heads will appreciate the line-up.

Doc Coyle, formerly of God Forbid, and Travis Montgomery from Threat Signal, form the two-guitar attack, while Concordia vocalist Eric Emery is handling singing duties. Coyle, a fixture in the New York metal scene, moved to LA in early 2014, and was last known to be playing with The Killing Lights.

This Meytal song, “Everybody Hates You Now,” may come from the band’s debut album which Cohen crowdfund in 2013, raising $144,341, well over her $60,000 goal.


(via ThePRP)

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