God Forbid’s Doc Coyle to play with The Killing Lights

Posted by on September 12, 2014

When God Forbid broke up in 2012, guitarist Doc Coyle still remained a New York fixture, bartending at Brooklyn metal institution Duffs and showing face at concerts, bars and industry events.  Then earlier this year, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles. And while we haven’t heard much about his musical output since he moved out there, we have been able to keep up with him via his blog, which has featured posts like his most recent one about band breakups. Now we finally know what he’ll be up to, as he’ll be joining hard rock band The Killing Lights for their first two shows. Coyle will be playing with the band for the Sunset Strip Music Fest at the Whiskey A Go Go on September 20th and Chain Reaction in Anaheim on October 4th. Here’s what Coyle says about playing with the band.

“Since my departure from God Forbid, I have been approached by numerous bands about joining or playing. But I can’t play with someone if I’m not feeling it. The Killing Lights music struck me with it’s deft balance between classic heavy metal riffing and hard rock nuance. The detailed and infectious songwriting this band achieved really grabbed me in addition to their dynamic approach. To say I am excited to perform with The Killing Lights would be an understatement.”

The Killing Lights is the evolution of the band Vampires Everywhere! Formed by Michael Vampire (ed. note: probably not his real name) in 2009, the band changed their name late last year. They promise a “harder sound” than his former band. The Killing Lights will be releasing an EP later this month, and have plans to release a full-length album in 2015. No word on whether Coyle will be a permanent member of the band, but he’ll definitely be playing those first shows.


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