minajIf you pay attention to pop culture, you might be aware that Nicki Minaj (perhaps best known in the metal world for sampling Joe Satriani) has a new lyric video out that’s caused some controversy. The song “Only” has been accused of using Nazi imagery in the video, and with good cause, because there’s a lot of Nazi imagery in the video. Minaj has taken “full responsibility” for the clip, and the director, Jeffrey Osborne (not the singer) admitted that he purposely used the imagery in the video.

Yesterday, however, Minaj herself tweeted out about the video, stating that Osborne was inspired by Sin City, but also by Metalocalypse. We were interested in hearing what Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small thought of the comparison, so we reached out and asked him his thoughts:

“They seem to be confused about art,” Small told Metal Insider. “Our video is influenced by Russian war propaganda art, very stylized  WWII satire urging people to enlist in the DETHKLOK army. The story itself is about a man enlisting (and giving his life) to become a ‘klokateer’, which is a glorified Roadie. When we play it live people are pretty transfixed. I wanted to make a video that convinced regular people to join the army (granted, one that doesn’t exist) and who knows, maybe they would? Minaj dressed people up like Nazis and held them captive by slowly speaking to them. Which, to me, is also funny. Watching her video, I’m confused by how she’s influenced  by us. And ultimately I don’t care, because I really don’t think she’s a Nazi – but that would be a funny reveal this point in her career…”


Here’s Minaj’s video:



And here’s a clip of the Metalocalypse episode Small is referring to:


You be the judge.