Metallica Perform “The Struggle Within” For The First Time Ever; Provide Update On New Album

Posted by on May 9, 2012


On Monday night (May 7), Metallica kicked off their European tour at Synot Tip Arena in Prague, Czech Republic. As you likely already know, this specific tour will find Metallica performing their landmark 1991 self-titled record, aka The Black Album, in its entirety. Thus, their show in Prague marked the first time “The Struggle Within” was performed live. As you could’ve already guessed, video of Metallica performing the album’s last track has already made its way online and can be seen above.

While Metallica have been celebrating The Black Album, they’ve always been starting to work on a new album. Previously, the band hinted that they were aiming to create a “more to-the-point” and “heavier” Black Album. And in a recent Metal Hammer Magazine, Lars Ulrich gave the following update on how the writing process is going:

“We’re circling the new stuff. We’ve started writing a little more in stages. There’s so many projects that we do all the time When we wrote the ‘black album,’ we started writing it and we finished writing it without anything else [going on] — it was three months, boom. We don’t do it like that anymore. We’ll write for a while and we’ll go to Brazil and then we’ll come back and go do a week’s worth of shows with Lou Reed, and then we’ll write for two weeks and then we’ll pick our noses and we’ll do something else and then we’ll play the Fillmore, you know what I mean? So it’s difficult to be cohesive in an interview about it. I don’t really have any direction yet, and I’ve heard most of it. It sounds heavy and energetic and very Metallica-like, but whether it’s more like Death Magnetic or more like this or that, I don’t know.”

Ulrich and James Hetfield also confirm (as we already knew) that Rick Rubin will be back as a producer. However, they also admit that an exact recording schedule hasn’t been set in place yet. And seeing how busy the remainder of their year will be (with the Orion Music & More fest and 3D Film coming up), it could still be a while till Metallica release a new album.

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