Metal songs without distortion are songs you can show your parents

Posted by on October 13, 2015


If you’re a guitarist, this isn’t anything new or exhilarating but it’s something not many get to think about when blasting their favorite metal songs. When you’re young and broke, you’d usually get your first guitar without any other gear like a distortion or even an amp but that won’t stop you from playing some metal riff you’ve heard like “Enter Sandman,” or Slayer’s “Angel of Death.” That’s what youtuber VAALVLA did in a short but sweet video and it sounds like something you can show your disappointed parents for listening to “noisey” music.

Check out the rest of VAALVLA’s youtube channel and you may think that is better to blast some metal tracks played on an Ukulele or some solos played with different backing track. They all sound great.

[via Metalsucks.net]


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